Refundable accommodation deposit (RAD) indexation calculator

You can use this calculator to work out the indexed RAD amount for your current approval year.

The indexation calculator is currently undergoing re-development. In the meantime, you can calculate your annual indexation amount for your approved RAD by using the indexation example provided and the relevant All Groups Consumer Price Index (CPI). Thank you for your patience during this time.

To index a RAD amount for the current approval year, enter the:

  • RAD approval date
    This is the date of the approval letter. If we approved your RAD with conditions, use the date of the ‘Satisfaction of Conditions’ letter.
  • Current RAD amount
    This is the approved RAD amount or the current indexed amount (if you have applied indexation on earlier approval anniversaries).



Enter the approval date and currently approved RAD amount in the form fields and then press the calculate button to check the price after indexation.

To start over press the reset button or simply refresh this page.





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