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The Aged Care Pricing Commissioner (ACPC) reviews and approves refundable accommodation deposits (RADs) in residential aged care homes that are more than $550,000 and extra service fee increases or decreases. We work with stakeholders to ensure our decisions are fair and informed by consumer needs.

What is the ACPC

The ACPC is an independent statutory position.

The Government set up the ACPC role as part of reforms to the Aged Care Act 1997. The role became effective on 1 July 2014. The Minister announced that the maximum amount that a provider may charge a care recipient without approval the ACPC is $550,000 as a refundable accommodation deposit (RAD) or its equivalent.

The ACPC reviews and approves applications from approved providers of residential aged care to:

  • charge more than $550,000 as a RAD (or equivalent daily amount) in a residential aged care home
  • increase or decrease their extra service fees.

The vast majority of RAD prices are under $550,000 and not subject to ACPC review for reasonableness or value to residents.

For information about ACPC appointment, terms and conditions, and more, see Part 6.7 of the Aged Care Act 1997.

Aims of the ACPC

Our aged care system should be accessible to all older Australians who need support in residential aged care homes.

The ACPC helps to ensure RADs over $550,000 and extra service fees are reasonable and provide value for residents.

We aim to:

  • ensure RADs (or equivalent daily amounts) reflect the value of the accommodation, where RADs are over $550,000
  • improve the transparency of RADs and extra service fees
  • improve consumer understanding of RADs and extra service fees
  • reduce administrative burden on residential aged care providers.

Our priorities include:

  • easily accessible information on the ACPC website
  • a clear application process for residential aged care providers
  • consistent, fair and timely decisions on applications
  • evidence-based decisions that are in line with legislation and policy.

For more detail, see our strategic objectives.

For how we have achieved our aims, view our annual reports.

Responsibilities of the ACPC


Find out more about the responsibilities of the ACPC in:

We do not handle complaints or regulate other aged care fees or services. Visit the My Aged Care website for information about understanding costs and making a complaint. You can also contact My Aged Care.

Who we are

David Weiss was appointed as the acting Aged Care Pricing Commissioner on 21 May 2021.

He has extensive public sector experience and has been a senior executive for the last 18 years.

David worked in the Commonwealth Department of Finance for 25 years, predominantly in Budget Group. During this time he also worked for 3 years as the Senior Budget Adviser in the Papua New Guinea Department of Treasury.

More recently David has worked in the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care, initially in the Therapeutic Goods Administration, and more recently running the Medical Benefits Division and then the Department's state network.

How we work

Our work is guided by our values of:

  • integrity
  • transparency
  • kindness
  • openness
  • excellence

To find out more, view our values statement.

Who we work with

We regularly engage with our stakeholders, including:

We engage our stakeholders in various ways.

Industry Reference and Working Group (IRWG)

We set up the IRWG in late 2018. The group includes for-profit and not-for-profit service providers and representatives from industry bodies such as:

  • Aged & Community Services Australia (ACSA)
  • Leading Aged Services Australia (LASA)
  • Aged Care Guild
  • COTA
  • Dementia Australia

We consult with the IRWG on specific topics and issues. We use their industry knowledge and experience to help us with our work.

Visits to aged care homes

We visit aged care homes to:

  • better appreciate the value of services to older people
  • explain our role and responsibilities

Representative to the Aged Care Financing Authority

The Commissioner is a Government representative to the Aged Care Financing Authority.

Contact us

To find out more, contact us.

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